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Brand Identity Design

The role of a brand in any type of business can definitely not be done away with. An established brand will no doubt attract loads of visitors perhaps due to the confidence that a strong and professional brand exudes from a potential visitor. As indispensable as a brand is to a business, many businesspeople still go about their business trying to blend in instead of stand out among their competitors. This translates to the thousands of websites that you see online that would otherwise have made a name looking like duplicates of other websites. If you are searching for that touch of uniqueness that will be the first step towards brand identity design, welcome to GLAD Designs.

Highly qualified

At GLAD Designs, we unleash the forgotten uniqueness of your business to create a successful brand identity design for you. We have team of highly qualified and well experienced designers that work with you to give your business a fresh introduction to the market and if you were already making a name for yourself, strengthen your online presence with our brand identity design.

Unique Brand Identity Design

There are two thing that we major mostly on when it comes to brand identity design; logo designs and website designs. These two factors are indispensable when running a successful brand identity design. When you contract us to build a strong brand identity design for you, we start with your website design. Your website design is part of your brand identity design in more ways than you can imagine. As a matter of fact, it is your representation of your company or business on the online community. Branding begins at this level with color schemes, navigation schemes as well as other constant images that you use on your site. In our brand identity design campaign, we try to make sure that your site design represents your brand. If we find your site wanting on these terms, we try to make sure that we make the necessary changes so that your site is relevant to your brand campaign. At times, our designers can recommend a redesign of your site in order to bring out the brand more clearly.

Affordable price

Our logo design section is also very important in our brand identity design company. Our designers are well experienced in building unique logos for your existing business as well as for any new business that you would want to start. We ensure that the logo designs we create for you merge perfectly well with your existing business and are relevant to your brand identity.
At GLAD Designs, we take care not to lose parts of your brand that your clients are already familiar with but instead make them stand out more. We also emphasize on the unexploited areas of your business in brand identity design. Suffice to say, the end design that we give you will no doubt get your clients fixated on your website and what’s more, it comes at an extremely affordable price that is flexible enough for tight budgets. So what are you waiting for? We could be the answer you are seeking for.

So please do not hesitate to contact us.

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