Creative Design, Constructive Approach, Excellent Services.....


GLAD Solutions is a complete Solutions Provider based at Cochin. Our group engages in different fields like Tourism, Software, Print & Media, HR Consultation, Real Estate, Catholic Marriage Promotions  and so on..... We offer a full range of services.

Our mission is to:

Deliver high quality business and  solutions globally
Build mutually beneficial and enduring partnerships with our Clients
Create a full satisfication to our Clients
Have a great workplace for our employees.

We will achieve this by:

Creating an efficient enterprise with effective employees
Fostering creativity and innovation
Encouraging honest and respectful debate
Valuing openness and transparency
Being proactive and goal driven
Evolving into a true learning organization with continuous improvement.

Corporate Values

Advancement - GLAD Solutions pursue the ongoing enhancement of skills and knowledge for our collective advancement.
Competitiveness - GLAD Solutions exhibit creativity, innovation, and bold ideas, such that we have a distinct competitive

Advantage In The Marketplace.

Cooperation - GLAD Solutions strive to boost our capability and performance through team work and collaboration.
Excellence - GLAD Solutions strive to exceed expectations and provide high quality solutions first time, every time.